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Residential Electrical Services

Qualified & Licensed Electricians In Brisbane

Covered 5000+ households In The Region

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Neville C.Forestdale, QLD
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Shan was very professional and offered good value for money. He disposed of our old air conditioner and left no mess at all. We would be happy to use him again and would highly recommend Coolwind Air Conditioning.
Elizabeth W.Forest Lake, QLD
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Shan is good value. Punctual, tidy, a good problem solver and a great communicator. He's actually done our air con and continues to do other electrical work for me. Absolutely recommend Shan, his air con quote was very good.

Safety Lighting Tests

In the event of an emergency, it is necessary to have safety lighting installed in the building so that people can move to safety. 

Similarly to other emergency equipment, all safety lights must be constantly maintained and tested. The placement of each safety light should be recorded so that it may be easily identified. A journal of system testing, defects, system damage, and corrective activity for each light can then be recorded.

CoolWind professional residential electrical services team performs safety lighting tests in Queensland, Australia. This will assist your company in ensuring that these emergency lighting systems are operational when needed.

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Test And Tagging

The term “Test and Tag” refers to the procedure of ensuring the safety of portable electrical appliances before they are used.

CoolWind Experts test and tagging crew are successfully fulfilled the Restricted Electrical Contractors License in Queensland, Australia. We test and tag both class 1 and class 2 types of equipment.

CoolWind Experts are pioneers in residential electrical services. With our years of expertise in the residential electrical services industry, we ensure top-notch service without a doubt.

With a strong emphasis on safety, and reliability, the CoolWind Experts crew specializes in the following services: 

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House Wiring & Rewiring

Rewiring an old electrical system, or wiring a new electrical system should be a top priority for any household. There are numerous advantages to having your electrical system renovated, but the safety of your family would be the #1 reason for having a well-built house wiring system.

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Our expert team house wiring & rewiring services include the following major stages:

Improper wiring, on the other hand, can prove to be more expensive and cause more damage because it can result in not just electrical shorts, but also electrical fires, as well as other problems. So make sure you hire a well-experienced and reliable service provider.

Light, Fans And Power Points Installation

When we talk about electrical wiring, we’re talking about an insulated conductor that’s utilized to carry current and all of the related equipment. The electrical supply is connected to domestic electric appliances such as lights, fans, and other similar devices using shielded wires that are controlled by switches. With over years of professional industry experience, the CoolWind Experts crew is always available for any kind of light, fans, and power points installation in Queensland, Australia.

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Electrical Auditing Services

CoolWind Experts provide professional electrical auditing services for a wide range of residential and industrial premises, including third-party audits, second opinions, post inspections, and work-in-progress assessments, etc.

Our range of electrical auditing services includes the following:

RCD Test

To ensure that your RCD will respond rapidly in the event of an electrical occurrence, you should do RCD testing. This is sometimes referred to as a test of the safety switch. 

When an RCD trips quickly, the amount of electric shock received by a person is reduced.

CoolWind Expert crew can evaluate your RCD will be able to establish if your RCD is tripping rapidly enough based on Australian guidelines that describe the maximum “trip times” for various RCDs. 

We are committed to providing a professional service. Check other services we offer !!